Gold bullet for cancer

Such interesting developments coming out of India on the nano-biomedical technology front. In one of the latest developments, scientists have combined Cobra venom with gold nanoparticles to target leukemia.

Researchers at the University of Calcutta have synthesized a new, anticancer nanocomposite by fusing a protein found in Cobra venom with modified gold nanoparticles. This nanocomposite induced controlled death of two types of cultured blood cancer cells, raising the possibility of new therapies for deadly blood cancers. While it’s been known for decades that Cobra venom could treat cancer in mice, there was no way to stop the toxins from affecting healthy cells that surround the cancer cells. This is the first time that a snake protein toxin has been attached to GNPs, and it appears that because the nanoparticles are inert, they can deliver the small dose of cancer-killing poison without harming healthy cells along the way.

Photo: Kamalnv

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