Germs, chocolate, hovercrafts, and goo

IMG_4005My son’s elementary school had its first science fair in many years, and it was a hoot. Never mind that the participants were crammed into an upstairs hallway while the gym (excuse me, “All-Purpose Room”) was booked for Lip Sync rehearsal. (Welcome to DC public schools!) The kiddos put a lot of work into their presentations, which ranged from explorations of how smell affects the taste of chocolate to RG3’s knee surgery to how many balloons it would take to lift a cat. Many boxes of cornstarch were sacrificed for my son’s team’s green goo experiments, and one young prodigy even built a hovercraft. But the germaphobe gross-out award went to a few budding young scientists who explored bacteria in our everyday lives; one cultured microbes from surfaces in public spaces like the Metro and MacDonald’s (big ugh), and another determined that anti-bacterial soap is not as effective as good old-fashioned hand soap.

IMG_4008 IMG_4004 IMG_3989 IMG_3995 IMG_3998 IMG_3988




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