Do marmots really like garlic bread?  

In Polly Horvath’s novel Mr. and Mrs. Bunny–Detectives Extraordinaire!, marmots love garlic bread. (Read that book–it’s funny!) I didn’t have garlic bread when I was hiking in the Grand Tetons and even if I did I wouldn’t have been allowed to feed them because the Grand Tetons is a national park and you’re not allowed to feed wild animals.


But here are some real facts about marmots:

  • When a predator is spotted the lookout whistles loudly.
  • Marmots are excellent diggers.
  • Their burrows are used as dens by foxes, skunks, and other animals.

Here’s a close-upmarmot2 although I didn’t get close enough to find out if they have garlic breath!


Photos and text by guest blogger Moss Kaiser, 9.

One thought on “Do marmots really like garlic bread?  

  1. More than I ever knew about marmots! Thanks and well done, Moss! Sounds like you’ve already said farewell to the Grand Tetons, which means – see you soon!

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