How Betty Crocker duped generations of youngsters with the obesity-inducing breakfast of chocolate milk & “tiny doughnuts” cereal aka Cheerios.

As greenwashing describes bogus eco-friendly claims of products, is there a neologism for fake health food? For their prefab PB&J sandwiches, Smucker’s already coined Uncrustables, which are probably as barfy as they sound.  Bisquackery perhaps? Or Wonderbreading? I’ve been pondering this ever since I came across these oh-so-wrong images on my box of Wheaties. As it turns out, the clever marketing department at General […]

ICYMI: “Everything you think you know about… leprosy is probably wrong.” Including one fact in this NYT article.

This article about leprosy in the New York Times earlier this month did a good job summing up the basic conundrums about the disease that have confounded researchers. But the writer got carried away in stating that most of the 200 cases of leprosy diagnosed annually in the US are thought to stem from contact with […]

A typical day in Yellowstone: melting roads, gushing geysers, and ‘gnarly, ancient cones.’

Over the weekend the U.S. Park Service closed Firehole Lake Road in Yellowstone because the underlying volcanic caldera coupled with the summer sun had turned it into a soupy mess. This is a common occurrence in the Lower Geyser Basin, which after all sits atop a “supervolcano.” But the roads were firm enough two weeks ago when my family was cruising this […]

Do marmots really like garlic bread?  

In Polly Horvath’s novel Mr. and Mrs. Bunny–Detectives Extraordinaire!, marmots love garlic bread. (Read that book–it’s funny!) I didn’t have garlic bread when I was hiking in the Grand Tetons and even if I did I wouldn’t have been allowed to feed them because the Grand Tetons is a national park and you’re not allowed to […]