My kids isolated the hemochromatosis genes.

Narcissism runs strong in most kids, so to teach them science, it helps to make it all about them. On a recent trip to The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, kids of all ages were excited to make a robot read their names, design their own roller coasters, create sound circles with their fingers, and see infrared shadow images of […]

Empathy Is Easier When Medicine Explains Quirks

A couple of recent medical news stories—about Bell’s palsy and misophonia–really struck home, and made me think how harshly people judge others, even members of their own family, because they don’t understand the medical condition underlying odd behavior. I’m not talking about mental illness, but rather little-understood physical conditions that can wreak daily havoc on […]

Lab Contaminant Skewed Chronic Fatigue Results

Brian Vastag summed it up well in his excellent article in The Washington Post today: “Two years ago, a research team in Nevada linked an exotic mouse virus to chronic fatigue syndrome, sparking hopes among patients that a cause of the baffling condition had finally been found. “But two other research teams reported Tuesday that […]