All the pretty boxes: Upcycling hacks for electronics packaging–the Tribbles in your closet!

Over the better part of a decade my husband and I had accumulated stacks of handsome, sturdy die-cut boxes for MacBooks and MacBook Airs, ChromeBooks and Surface tablets, iPhones and iPads and iPods. Long after some of those gizmos had died or passed into obsolescence, we hung onto the Original Packaging as if it were some kind of totem. […]

Meet the new geeks

Big changes here at Secret Science Geek. Besides getting a design makeover this summer, SSG welcomes two contributors, Lisa Lavelle Burke and Catherine M. Cooney. Lisa is a writer, photographer, and gardener, who traded in her law partnership at Patton Boggs LLP to play in the dirt. She is a DC Master Gardener and a member […]

As if ads with talking mucus weren’t gross enough

 My friend Heather decided I had to have these  fascinatingly grotesque little darlings — rubberized 3D models of airborne microbes. The green goober is  the common cold. Can you guess the hairy fella? Yep, E. coli. Made by ThinkGeek (gotta love the name), these bouncy bugs also emit Whoopee Cushion-worthy sound effects–only sicker–when you pull […]

“Science is not sexy.”

“Science is too much coffee and Birkenstocks and bad hair, but that’s not what people want to hear.” That from bioethicist Debra Matthews, joking last night about the disconnect between the tedious work of sitting at a lab bench waiting for some cells to grow and then trying to get the public excited about the results […]

There’s an App for that Embryo

The Virtual Human Embryo Project is now an app for the iPhone and iPad. Scientists and educators have used the Carnegie Embryo Collection, housed at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, to define normal human embryo development for decades. A database, called the Virtual Human Embryo, has been created to provide digital serial sections of […]

Star Trek Quote Check

“Stop thinking with your glands!” —Captain James T. Kirk Star Trek: The Original Series—Volume #3, Episode #6, “The Man Trap” Stardate: 1513.1 Airdate: September 8, 1966 Pulling quotes from the original Star Trek episodes is like eating pistachios — once you start, you just can’t stop. Did the script writers realize how hilarious these lines […]

Super Sheek

Over at Science Friday, Ira Flatow & co. have been trying to come up with an alternative word for “geek” since it’s become “a little chic”. Gee, I’m not sure whether to say “thanks” or “oh, dear.” I do like some of the suggestions: sheek; Flatow, techno-sexual, asinine…